Aspen Peak

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Aspen Peak
Aspen Peak magazine cover.jpg
Cover of Winter 2004/Spring 2005 issue
Frequency Biannual
Total circulation
Year founded 2004
First issue July 2004
Company Niche Media
Country USA
Based in Aspen
Language English

Aspen Peak is a regional magazine that was founded by Niche Media's Jason Binn. Niche Media is now known as GreenGale Publishing. The publication primarily targets Aspen's most affluent residents and visitors. Niche Media was founded by Jason Binn in 1992. [2] In 2010, Binn sold Niche Media to GreenGale Publishing, formerly known as Greenspun Media Group. He stepped down as CEO and went on to become Chief Advisor to Gilt Group Chairman Kevin Ryan [3] and CEO and Founder of DuJour. [4] The current CEO of GreenGale publishing is Katherine Nicholls. [5]


Aspen Peak was first published in July 2004.[6] The magazine attempts to cover the best that Aspen has to offer in the worlds of art, beauty, business, culture, dining, entertainment, fashion, interior design, jewelry and watches, nightlife, philanthropy, politics, real estate, sports, and travel, plus, of course, the inside scoop on gossip, society, and the Colorado social scene. It also features local trendsetters as some of their writing staff who explore all the mountain community has to offer.[7]

Published twice a year,[8] once in the summer/fall and once in the winter/spring, serving as Aspen's own coffee table book. Erin Lentz served as the editor-in-chief of the magazine.[9]


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