Asphodel Records

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Asphodel Records
Founded 1992
Founder Mitzi Johnson
Distributor(s) Revolver USA, Forced Exposure, Crosstalk
Genre Indie
Country of origin United States
Location San Francisco, California
Official website

Asphodel Ltd (a.k.a. Asphodel Records) was a San Francisco-based independent record label founded by musician Mitzi Johnson in 1992. The label is named after the mythological flower that grows along the banks of the River Styx in Hades. The label had shut down as of January 2011.

Asphodel has a diverse catalog of releases with a prominent experimental thread in the genres of turntablism, electronica, ambient, illbient, electroacoustic, trip hop, spoken word, noise, techno, and lounge.


The label's first release was the self-titled debut by Johnson's band, Blue Rubies.[1]

Naut Humon was brought on as Asphodel's head of A&R in 1994. Erik Gilbert, now VP of Content at Independent Online Distribution Alliance (IODA), once served as the label's General Manager.[2]

Asphodel was named as one of the "top 10 independent labels in the world" by Rolling Stone magazine in 1998.[2]


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