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Aspial Corporation SGX: A30 is a Singapore-based jewellery corporation with a chain of boutiques in Singapore. Aspial Corporation owns the Aspial, Lee Hwa, Goldheart and Citigems brands. Aspial Corporation is a contemporary fashion jeweller in Singapore and is the only listed jeweller on the Singapore Exchange. The company's Aspial brand consists of its top range products, followed by Lee Hwa Jewellery, Goldheart and Citigems which cater to the younger people.

Lee Hwa[edit]

Lee Hwa is a vendor of contemporary fashion jewellery, with a chain of 22 boutiques in Singapore. This range targets women who are "fashion savvy and lead a cosmopolitan lifestyle". Formerly dealing in yellow gold jewellery, it changed to white gold jewellery in the 1990s when the company felt there was a need to modernise the image of the company. Its brand supposedly embodies the "lifestyle fashion savvy of today's confident and contemporary woman". It is especially noted[citation needed] for its Purplegold range of products, originally developed by Manufacturing Engineering lecturer Loh Peng Chum from Singapore Polytechnic, as well as its Destinee series. Some of its international awards include the Reader's Digest SuperBrand Gold Award - Winner 2005, as well as the New York Festival, Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness Award (International) - Finalist Winner 2003.[citation needed]


Goldheart began in 1974, and was acquired by Aspial in 2005

Goldheart Jewelry offers a wide range of jewelry.

Goldheart is also known[citation needed] for its exclusive Celestial diamond, the world’s first 73-facet starburst diamond. The Celestial diamond is GIA-certified and design-patented. When viewed from top with a gem scope, the Celestial diamond reveals a spectacular starburst that no other diamond possesses.

In Singapore, Goldheart Jewelry now has 24 retail stores located at all major shopping malls island wide.


Citigems is one of the latest chain of jewellery stores in Singapore. Citigems jewellery collection is targeted at younger adults and at cheaper prices. Behind the brand are the Aspial Corporation Limited and Belgium's AMC Diamonds, one of the world's largest diamond companies.

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