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Crown Aspinall's
Address 27–28 Curzon Street, Mayfair
Location London, England
Type Casino
Capacity VIP Room up to 25 people
Opened 1960s

Crown Aspinall's is a private gambling club, the latest of a string established by John Aspinall in London since the 1960s. Aspinall's is currently at 27–28 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London. It is designed by British interior designer Tessa Kennedy.[1]


Club founder John Aspinall, known as "Aspers" to his friends, was a conservationist and the stepson of Sir George Osborne. He was a breeder of wild animals and funded his zoos, to a large extent, from house winnings. In its earlier days, Aspinall's clientele consisted mostly of successful aristocrats and their children who gambled a high part of their incomes, or in a few cases a high proportion of their wealth. The gradual decline in wealth and estates of most English landed gentry has led to the clientele becoming more reflective of the current make-up of Mayfair's residents.

Aspinall's evaded major public recognition until the 1970s. Lord Lucan was a close friend of John Aspinall and regular gambler. Lucan's unresolved disappearance in late 1974 led to major free publicity: John Aspinall commissioned a bust of Lucan which remains displayed prominently.

Aspinall's is currently run by the founder's son Damian Aspinall. A 50% stake is owned by Crown Resorts, a global entertainment chain headquartered in Australia.[2]


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