Aspromonte National Park

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Parco Nazionale dell'Aspromonte
Pentedattilo, a village of Aspromonte
Reggiocalabria mappa.png
Location of Aspromonte in Reggio Calabria
Nearest cityReggio di Calabria
Area641.53 km2 (247.70 sq mi)
Governing bodyMinistero dell'Ambiente

Aspromonte National Park is situated in the southern section of the Apennines, in Calabria, Italy.

The park lies near the sea and includes mountain summits nearly reaching the 2,000 meters of height (Montalto is 1,955 m).

The park's territory, crossed by several watercourses, is populated by important species such as Italian wolf, peregrine falcon, Eurasian eagle-owl and northern goshawk. Most of the territory is dominated by forests of beech, silver fir, black pine, holm oak, sweet chestnut and Mediterranean maquis shrubland. A couple of rare species live here: Bonelli's eagle and a tropical fern, Woodwardia radicans.

Surrounded by the Mediterranean, the park is also rich in historical, artistic and archaeological value.


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