Asqalan, Afghanistan

Coordinates: 36°50′40″N 68°44′42″E / 36.84444°N 68.74500°E / 36.84444; 68.74500
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Asqalan is located in Afghanistan
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 36°50′40″N 68°44′42″E / 36.84444°N 68.74500°E / 36.84444; 68.74500
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceKunduz Province
DistrictKunduz District
Time zone+ 4.30

Asqalan or Askalan is a village in Kunduz Province, in northern Afghanistan.[1] It lies roughly 20 kilometres northwest of Kunduz and is also an archaeological site of an ancient tomb.[2][3][4]

The Khanabad River lies to the south of the village and to the north is a vast open desert. The Asqalan diversionary dam and public canal has been reconstructed to supply sufficient water to the Asqalan and Minfareq canals for irrigation in the area.[5] South of the village along the river bank, is a terraced farmland, also known as the Khanabad Plain.[6]

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