Ass Ponys

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Ass Ponys
OriginCincinnati, Ohio, USA
GenresAlternative country, country rock
Years active1988–2005, 2015
Checkered Past Records
Safe House
Shake It
MembersChuck Cleaver
Randy Cheek
Dave Morrison
Past membersBill Alletzhauser
Dan Kleingers
John Erhardt

Ass Ponys was an indie rock band based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The band was formed in 1988 from members of Ohio band the Libertines and Midwestern band Gomez.[1] Their sound combines rock and country into an off-kilter blend of Americana music. They have gone on national tours with bands such as Pavement, Throwing Muses, and Possum Dixon. Among other periodicals, they have been featured in Rolling Stone, CMJ, and The Cincinnati Post.

The Ass Ponys went on hiatus in 2005, after releasing the compilation album The Okra Years[2] – 4 years after their last original material was released in Lohio. More importantly, it appears that core band members are focused on new projects, so new Ass Ponys output seems unlikely any time soon.[3] Vocalist Chuck Cleaver is focusing his attention on his current band, Wussy. Bill Alletzhauser currently fronts the band The Hiders.[4] Randy Cheek plays with The Libertines US, The Fairmount Girls and The Ready Stance. Chuck Cleaver and Randy Cheek performed together at TedxCincinnati in November 2013.[5] In July 2015, the band announced they would play two shows at the Woodward Theater in Cincinnati on Friday, November 6, and Saturday, November 7, 2015.[6][7]


  • Bill Alletzhauser – guitar, slide, banjo, backing vocals (1995–2002)
  • Randy Cheek – bass, backing vocals
  • Chuck Cleaver – vocals, guitar
  • John Erhardt – guitar (1988–1995; 2003–2020) (died May 2020)
  • Dan Kleingers – drums (1988–1991)
  • Kevin Lung – guitar (1994)
  • Dave Morrison – drums, keyboards, backing vocals (1991–2005)


Studio albums[edit]

Extended plays[edit]

  • 1996 – Under Cedars and Stars (A&M)


  • 2006 – The Okra Years (Shake It)


  • Little Bastard, from Electric Rock Music (#26 on US Billboard Modern Rock)


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