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Type Weekly newspaper
Owner(s) Jordan Press Foundation
Editor Atef Al Jolani
Founded 1993; 24 years ago (1993)
Headquarters Amman, Jordan
Circulation 17,000 (2002)
Website Official website

Assabeel (Arabic: السبيل‎‎) (The Path in English) is an Arabic weekly newspaper in Amman, Jordan.[1] The paper was described by a leaked US cable as an Islamist publication.[2]


Assabeel was launched by the Muslim Brotherhood members in Jordan in 1993.[2][3] Editor-in-chief of the paper is Atef Al Joulani.[4] The paper was the continuation of the Brotherhood's official publication Al Ribat.[2] The 2002 circulation of the paper was reported by Saud Abu Mahfuz, general manager of the weekly, to be 17,000.[2] The paper became daily in 2009.[5]

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