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A screenshot of Assampler on the Commodore Amiga
A screenshot of Assampler on the Commodore Amiga
Developer(s) Henning Thielemann
Initial release 1999; 18 years ago (1999)
Operating system AmigaOS
Platform Amiga
Type Software synthesizer
Licence Freeware (without source code)

The Amiga Assampler is a software synthesizer and sample editor. Its features are:

  • interactive graphical assembling of sound processes
  • sounds with different sample rate or volume are automatically adjusted
  • sound groups allow hierarchical storage and operations on multiple sounds at once
  • no limit for multichannel sounds (known as stereo, surround, quadro, octa?)
  • hard disk editing of raw non-interleaved sample sounds with no functional limit
  • easy creation of control, modulation, waveform etc. curves
  • frequency spectrum can be used both for viewing and manipulating
  • a rich set of basic processes, e.g.: basics, echo, distortion, filters, FFT
  • in principle everything can be run as realtime effect
  • parameters can be given as mathematical expressions with complex numbers and SI units
  • multithreading, you don't need to wait for a calculation to complete
  • fast MC68000 assembly signal routines
  • user interface written in Cluster (extended Modula-2)

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