Assassination Vacation

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Assassination Vacation
AuthorSarah Vowell
CountryUnited States
PublisherSimon & Schuster

Assassination Vacation is a book by Sarah Vowell, published in 2005, in which she travels around the United States researching the assassinations of U.S. Presidents Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield and William McKinley.[1] While most of the book is devoted to facts about the assassinated presidents and the men who would murder them, Vowell intersperses the book with anecdotes of her adventures on her self-proclaimed "pilgrimage" of presidential assassination.[2]


An abridged audiobook was released by Simon & Schuster on March 29, 2005.[3] It contained a large cast of readers, and original music was composed by Michael Giacchino. In order of appearance, the cast was:

As mentioned above, Brad Bird was part of the cast; he wrote and directed the film The Incredibles, in which author Vowell had a voice-acting part. Michael Giacchino, composer for The Incredibles, composed the music for the audiobook. Catherine Keener voiced Evelyn (Deavor), in Incredibles 2


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