Assassination Vacation

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Assassination Vacation
AuthorSarah Vowell
CountryUnited States
PublisherSimon & Schuster

Assassination Vacation is a book by Sarah Vowell, published in 2005, in which she travels around the United States researching the assassinations of U.S. Presidents Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield and William McKinley.[1] While most of the book is devoted to facts about the assassinated presidents and the men who would murder them, Vowell intersperses anecdotes of her self-proclaimed "pilgrimage" of presidential assassinations,[2] including a production of the musical Assassins.


An abridged audiobook was released by Simon & Schuster on March 29, 2005.[3] It contained a large cast of readers, and original music was composed by Michael Giacchino. In order of appearance, the cast was:


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