Assassination of Waruhiu

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Assassination of Waruhiu
Part of Mau Mau Uprising
Date 7 October 1952
Location 7 miles outside Nairobi, Kenya
Result Declaration of State of Emergency

United Kingdom British Empire

Mau Mau
Commanders and leaders
Unknown John Mbiu Koinange
Unknown 3
Casualties and losses
1 killed Unknown

The Assassination of Waruhiu was the murder of Kenyan Chief Waruhiu by the Mau Maus on 7 October 1952.[1] The Chief was a supporter of the unwelcomed Colonial British presence in Kenya and was shot in his car; at his funeral, Governor Evelyn Baring called him "a great man, a great African and a great citizen of Kenya, who met his death in the service of his own people and his Government."[2] His death helped lead to the declaration of a State of Emergency in Kenya.[3][4]


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