Assassinator Jing Ke

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Assassinator Jing Ke
Assassinator Jing Ke.jpg
VCD box art
Also known as Assassinator Jing Ke – The Revenge
Genre Historical fiction, wuxia
Written by Yu Zheng
Directed by Raymond Lee
Presented by Yang Buting
Ma Runsheng
Wang Songshan
Li Bolun
Starring Liu Ye
Peter Ho
Zheng Jiayu
Zhang Tielin
Shao Bing
Zhai Ying
Opening theme Da Feng Ge (大風歌)
Ending theme Hongyan (紅顏) performed by Anson Hu
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 32
Producer(s) Han Sanping
Location(s) China
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) 北京华录百纳影视有限公司
Distributor China International Television Corporation
First shown in 2004
Assassinator Jing Ke
Traditional Chinese 荊軻傳奇
Simplified Chinese 荆轲传奇
Literal meaning The Legend of Jing Ke

Assassinator Jing Ke is a 2004 Chinese television series based on a semi-fictional story of the assassin Jing Ke, who, in 227 BC, attempted to kill Ying Zheng, the king of Qin. Directed by Raymond Lee, the series starred Liu Ye as the titular protagonist, with Peter Ho, Zheng Jiayu, Zhang Tielin, Shao Bing and Zhai Ying playing supporting roles.


In 260 BC, the Qin state invades the Zhao state, defeating the Zhao armies at the Battle of Changping. A group of refugees arrives at the Lively Valley, an isolated paradise-like world, and settles there. Two young men, Jing Ke and Fan Wuji, grew up together in the valley with their common romantic interest, Ye Xiaohu. When Fan Wuji learns that he is actually a native of Qin, he leaves them, returns to Qin, and becomes a subordinate of the renowned Qin general Bai Qi. On the other hand, Jing Ke and Ye Xiaohu travel to the Qi state and settle there. As Ye Xiaohu is tired of leading a wandering life, she leaves Jing Ke and marries a rich man, who abuses her all the time. Ye Xiaohu plots with the rich man's henchman, Nie Wuya, to kill her husband and seize his fortune, and then frame Jing Ke for the murder.

Jing Ke is arrested and almost executed, but is saved by Tian Guang, who recommends him to join the assassin organisation Tianmie. Jing Ke becomes an apprentice of a powerful swordsman and inherits the latter's legendary skills. As Jing Ke completes more missions, he feels that he is pursuing a life that he does not want, especially after he witnesses the death of another love interest, Yunxi. At the same time, he strikes up a close friendship with the musician Gao Jianli. Meanwhile, in Qin, Fan Wuji wins the favour of the king for his distinguished service on the battlefield, but unknowingly incurs the jealousy of the chancellor Lü Buwei.

Jing Ke's adventures lead him to the Yan state, where he meets Crown Prince Dan, who requests his help in assassinating the ruthless king of Qin to save the other states from being conquered by Qin. Dan was initially held hostage in Qin, but was released by Fan Wuji. Fan Wuji, who has since been denounced as a traitor of Qin, flees to Yan to join Jing Ke and Prince Dan. Jing Ke agrees to take on the mission and Fan Wuji aids him by committing suicide, because the king of Qin has already placed a high price on Fan's head for treason. Jing Ke embarks on his no-return quest, bringing along with him Fan Wuji's head and a map of Dukang with a dagger concealed inside. The story of Jing Ke's assassination attempt on the king of Qin will be a classic story in Chinese history.


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