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Assembla's logo.png
Type of site
Community / project hosting
Available in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese
Owner Assembla, Inc
Commercial Yes
Launched 2005
Current status Online

Assembla is a set of cloud-based task and code management tools for software developers. Assembla is owned by Assembla, INC and was created in 2005. It hosts over 100,000 commercial and open-source projects and is used by over 800,000 users in more than 100 countries.[1]


Assembla has been based in Needham, Massachusetts since 2003.[2] The company was officially formed in 2005, headed by Andy Singleton, creator of PowerSteering Software.[3] using a distributed agile process[clarification needed] to link employees from multiple locations.[4]

Initially, Assembla offered free on-demand tools such as Trac and Subversion hosting. Assembla began charging for some of their products in October 2008.[5]

In 2012, Assembla partnered with Perforce Software to offer on-demand versions of Perforce’s Software Version Management that is integrated with team tools from Assembla.[6]

In 2013, Assembla released a Renzoku feature pack that includes Agile task and code management tools to facilitate a continuous release process.


Assembla provides a core product, Assembla Workspaces, and add-on feature packs. Assembla Workspaces provide development teams with tools including: task management, code repositories (Subversion, Git, and Perforce),[7] focused and real-time collaboration, and deployment tools.

Assembla Renzoku includes a Kanban Board, agile project management tools like an Agile Planner, reporting, and coding workflows for code contribution, review, and release.

Assembla Portfolio adds centralized user management, reporting, time tracking, branding and client management on top of either Workspaces or Renzoku products.[8]

The Assembla system can be configured as a private local installation running behind a firewall; it can use LDAP authentication.[9]

All products are free of charge for free/open source and publicly visible community projects. Assembla Workspaces and Renzoku are also free for private projects of up to 2 users, 1 project and 500 MB.[10]

All of their products are proprietary software.

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