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Japan - Assemblage.jpg
Compilation album by Japan
Released September 1981
Recorded 1977–1980
Length 43:42
Japan chronology
Exorcising Ghosts
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 2.5/5 stars[1]

Assemblage is a compilation album by the British band Japan, released in 1981 by Hansa Records.


Assemblage collects recordings from the band's early career (1977–1980) and Hansa Records re-released no fewer than six singles from Assemblage and Japan's back catalogue between 1981 and 1983. Both "Life in Tokyo", a collaboration with renowned disco producer Giorgio Moroder, and "European Son" were remixed and re-issued twice.


The compilation reached No. 26 in the UK and spent 46 weeks on the album chart, being certified Gold by the B.P.I. in January 1983.

Assemblage was the first of numerous Japan compilations issued by Hansa Records/BMG Ariola/Sony BMG Music Entertainment but remains the only one originally released in consultation with the band members themselves. Coincidentally, the titles of five of the ten songs refer to geographical locations (namely Communist China, Rhodesia, Berlin, Tokyo, and Europe).

Assemblage was re-issued on CD by Sony BMG Music Entertainment in 2004, then including four bonus tracks as well as two videos. Initial pressings of this reissue accidentally omit the first bass note of "Adolescent Sex" and include an incorrect bonus version of "Life in Tokyo." Subsequent pressings correct these errors.

Track listing[edit]

Side A[edit]

  1. "Adolescent Sex" (Re-recorded version) (Sylvian) – 4:15
    • Original version appears on 1978 album Adolescent Sex. Re-recorded Spring 1978 and released as B-side of UK single "The Unconventional". A-side single in Continental Europe in 1979.
  2. "Stateline" (Sylvian) – 4:48
    • Released as B-side of UK single "Don't Rain on My Parade", 1978. Originally recorded in late-1977 but not included as an album track.
  3. "Communist China" (Sylvian) – 2:43
  4. "...Rhodesia" (Sylvian) – 6:48
  5. "Suburban Berlin" (Sylvian) – 5:01

Side B[edit]

  1. "Life in Tokyo" (Moroder, Sylvian) – 3:33
    • Originally released as UK A-side single in 1979. Original version re-issued as A-side single in 1981. Remixed by Tin Drum producer Steve Nye and new bass overdubbed by Mick Karn (Remix No. 1 a.k.a. Special Remix), re-issued as A-side single a third time in October 1982. Remix #2: late 1982 – producers unknown, with synths/drum machine overdubs, appearing on various subsequent Hansa/Ariola compilations.
  2. "European Son" (Sylvian) – 3:40
    • Originally recorded and produced by Simon Napier-Bell and Japan in 1979. Remixed by Quiet Life producer John Punter before release (Remix #1). First released as B-side of Japanese single "I Second That Emotion", 1980. First UK release B-side of re-issued single "Life in Tokyo", 1981. Remixed by Steve Nye (Remix #2) and new bass overdubbed by Mick Karn, re-issued as A-side single in the UK in January 1982.
  3. "All Tomorrow's Parties" (Alternate version) (Reed) – 4:15
    • Original version included on 1979 album Quiet Life. Alternate (early) version recorded and produced by Simon Napier-Bell and Japan. Remixed by Steve Nye and issued as A-side single in the UK, February 1983.
  4. "Quiet Life" (Sylvian) – 4:53
    • First released as A-side single in Japan, 1979 ( – 4:14). Included on 1979 album Quiet Life ( – 4:53). Released as A-side single in the UK 1980 (fade-out – 3:54). Edited version ( – 3:34) re-released as A-side single in the UK, August 1981 and was a Top 20 success.
  5. "I Second That Emotion" (Cleveland, Robinson) – 3:46
    • Originally released as A-side single in Japan, 1980. Released as A-side single in Continental Europe, 1981. Remixed by Steve Nye and released as A-side single in the UK in July 1982 where it became the band's second biggest hit, reaching the Top 10.

Bonus tracks 2004 re-issue[edit]

  1. "European Son" (John Punter 12" Mix) (Sylvian) – 5:02
  2. "I Second That Emotion" (12" Remix) (Cleveland, Robinson) – 5:17
  3. "Life in Tokyo" (Pt. 1, Special Remix) (Moroder, Sylvian) – 4:03
  4. "Life in Tokyo" (1982 12" Remix) (Moroder, Sylvian) – 6:17
  5. "I Second That Emotion" (multimedia track) (Cleveland, Robinson)
  6. "Life in Tokyo" (multimedia track) (Moroder, Sylvian)


"Life in Tokyo"/"European Son" 1981
"Quiet Life"/"A Foreign Place" (UK #19) 1981
"European Son (remix)"/"Alien" (UK #31) 1981
"I Second That Emotion (remix)"/"Halloween" (UK #9) 1982
"Life in Tokyo (remix)" (UK #28) 1982
"All Tomorrow's Parties"/"In Vogue" (UK #38) 1983



  • Ray Singer – record producer tracks A1-A5
  • Pete Silver – sound engineer tracks A1-A3
  • Tracks A1-A3 recorded at Audio International Studios
  • Chris Tsangarides – sound engineer tracks A4-A5
  • Tracks A4-A5 recorded at Morgan Studios
  • Giorgio Moroder – producer track B1
  • Jürgen Koppers – sound engineer track B1
  • Track B1 recorded at Rusk Sound Studios, Los Angeles
  • Simon Napier-Bell – producer tracks B2, B3
  • Japan – producers tracks B2, B3
  • John Punter – remix tracks B2-B3, producer tracks B4, B5
  • Keith Bessey – sound engineer tracks B2, B3
  • Tracks B2-B3 recorded at DJM Studios
  • Colin Fairley – sound engineer tracks B4-B5
  • Tracks B4-B5 recorded at AIR Studios


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