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A Vermont meeting hall, from Braintree, Vermont, USA.

An assembly hall is a kind of function hall, a large room used to hold public meetings or meetings of the members of an organization such as a school, church, or deliberative assembly.[1] An example of the last case is the Assembly Hall (Washington, Mississippi) where the general assembly of the state of Mississippi was held. Some Christian denominations call their meeting places or places of worship assembly halls. Elders and ministers of Presbyterian churches gather in assembly halls for their general assembly, such as in the General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland.

Function hall[edit]

Banquet hall and wedding reception venue

A function hall, reception hall, or banquet hall is a room or building for the purpose of hosting a party, banquet, wedding or other reception, or other social event. Function halls are often found within pubs, clubs, hotels, or restaurants. Some are run by fraternal organizations and rented out as part of them being a club, for example Masonic Halls. The first recorded mention of "function rooms" is in 1922. [2][3]


College and university campuses[edit]

On the campuses of colleges and universities in the United States, assembly halls are sometimes found in multi-purpose athletic buildings, where they share other uses, including as basketball courts. Examples are Assembly Hall (Bloomington) and (formerly) Assembly Hall (Champaign).

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