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The Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA), created in 1979,[1] is the umbrella organization to promote cooperation between the social and cultural Turkish American organizations around the United States. ATAA informs the Turkish American community on how to foster Turkish-American relations and promotes a balanced picture of Turkey in the US.

ATAA undertakes educational workshops and seminars and conferences on political, social and economic issues concerning Turkey, runs cultural events promoting Turkey's cultural heritage, and publishes reference material regarding Turkey and the Turkish American community.


ATAA is the voice and advocate of Turkish Americans in the United States, Canada, and Turkey. Financial support, apart from that from members, comes from the ATAA Endowment Fund, which was established to ensure the sustainable growth of ATAA.

Activities include educational seminars for Turkish American communities on advocacy and civic leadership; conferences on political, social and economic issues related to Turkey and US Turkish relations; and cultural events to promote Turkey's traditions, art, and heritage.

ATAA publishes reference material on issues regarding the Turkish American community. One of its publications is the quarterly magazine "The Turkish American".


Members benefit from being part of ATAA in many ways. Part of the membership package is the ATAA E-Newsletter, the ATAA Grassroots Information Service (GIS), and ATAA Action Alerts.

Reference Center[edit]

The ATAA Reference Center allows the general public to get information on topics that influences the image or reputation of Turkey and Turks worldwide. For example, scholarly debates on the Armenian Allegations are discussed from differing points of view.

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