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Assen Blatechki

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Assen Blatechki
Blatechki in 2010
Born (1971-03-22) 22 March 1971 (age 53)
Sofia, Bulgaria
PartnerKaterina Goranova = Dilyana Popova

Assen Emilov Blatechki (Bulgarian: Асен Емилов Блатечки; born 22 March 1971) is a Bulgarian actor.[1]

Acting and television career[edit]

Blatechki appeared in a number of Bulgarian films including Steps in the Sand" (Bulgarian: Стъпки в пясъка) and The Foreigner (Bulgarian: Чужденецът). He has also taken roles in foreign films.[2]

Blatechki is also a TV presenter and has been a judge on Bulgaria Searches for a Talent.[3][4][citation needed]

Sports achievements[edit]

Blatechki participated in numerous sports, in particular karate. He was the karate champion of Bulgaria between 1989 and 1992.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Blatechki and actress Dilyana Popova have one son. He also has a daughter, Katerina, from his previous marriage to Katerina Goranova.[6]


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