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The water tower of Assendelft.
The water tower of Assendelft.
Coat of arms of Assendelft
Coat of arms
Assendelft, in the municipality of Zaanstad
Assendelft, in the municipality of Zaanstad
Zaanstad in the Netherlands.
Zaanstad in the Netherlands.
Country Netherlands
Province Noord-Holland
Municipality Zaanstad
Major roads A8 N8 / N246 N203

Coordinates: 52°28′N 4°45′E / 52.467°N 4.750°E / 52.467; 4.750

Assendelft is a town in the Dutch province of North Holland. It is a part of the municipality of Zaanstad. Assendelft was a separate municipality until 1974, when the municipality of Zaanstad was formed.[1] It is part of the Amsterdam Agglomeration (GA).[2] The North Sea Canal connects Assendelft with Amsterdam and Velsen, and it lies about 13 km northeast of Haarlem and about 15 km south of Alkmaar.

The statistical district "Assendelft", which covers the village and the surrounding countryside, has a population of around 22,500.[3]


Assendelft is one of the oldest settlements in Noord-Holland, with signs of settlement dating from as early as 500BC. The earliest written form of the name appears as 'Ascmannedilf' in 1063. The name is derived from the old Germanic word for Norsemen, 'Ascomanni'., 'dilf' most likely meaning 'dug by'.

Train services[edit]

The town is served by Krommenie-Assendelft railway station. From here, there are four trains an hour to Amsterdam, with a journey time of 25 minutes.

Rural culture[edit]

Assendelfter bantam

Known is the local chicken breed, called "Assendelfter". It is an ancient pencilled breed, related to the pencilled Hamburg chicken.


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