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In Italy an assessor (in Italian language: assessore) is a member of a Giunta, the executive body in all levels of local government: regions, provinces and communes.

Assessors are appointed by the chief executive of local government, Mayor in commune, President in province and region, who chairs Giunta. They serve until chief executive ends his term or resigns, if he doesn't dismiss them.

In communes with 15,000 residents or more and in provinces assessors cannot be members of Consiglio (council), the local legislative body: if a member of council is appointed as assessor, he must resign from council.

Mayor or president usually assigns to each assessor responsibility for a specific aspect of municipal, provincial or regional affairs and the supervision of corresponding branch of local government, called assessorato (department). Among assessor one is chosen by mayor or president as his deputy and is called vicesindaco (deputy mayor) or vicepresidente (vice president).

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