Assi El Helani

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Assi El Helani
Birth name Mohammed El Helani
Born (1970-11-28) November 28, 1970 (age 46)
Origin Jdeide, Lebanon
Genres Lebanese Music
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1991–present
Labels Rotana

Mohammed El Helani (born November 28, 1970, widely known as Assi El Helani (in Arabic عاصي الحلاني‎), is a Lebanese singer. Assi's musical career officially started after winning Studio Al Fan a TV program for young artists at the age of 17.[1]

He has released more than a dozen albums. His biggest hits are Wani Mareq Mareet, Amshi Lihali, Mali Saber, Ahebbak Gedan, Ahla Al Oyoun, Shoag El Sahara, Lubnani , Bel Arabi and Kayed Ozzalak.[2]


Early life[edit]

Assi was born in Jdeide but he was originally from Harbata (Baalbeck) and comes third youngest among his 13 brothers and sisters. His family is originally from Hilla in Iraq from the Arab tribe of Hellani as he has mentioned in his interview on MBC on 2012. Assi's musical talent became evident very early, when as a child he was performing Lebanese songs with his friends and family. Assi studied for approximately five years (1985–1990) at the Higher Institute of Music in Lebanon concentrating on the Oud performance and Arab vocal techniques.[1]


Assi El Helani has participated in numerous important musical events, including the Baalbeck International Festival, Jerash Festival, the Carthage Festival, and a number of concerts around Europe, the Arab world and America.

Despite his soaring popularity, Helani has remained consistently involved in humanitarian issues[citation needed].

He regularly performs at fund-raising concerts throughout the Middle East in support of a range of charities in the region, including the Women's Development Association Hayati[citation needed].

In August 2005, Helani added his voice to the growing roster of celebrities helping WFP raise awareness about global hunger and poverty, recording a Public Service Announcement drawing attention to the tragic fact that 25,000 people die of hunger every day, 18,000 of the children.[3][4]

Helani’s recent music videos have earned him the reputation as an extremely talented actor. He is receiving numerous offers from Arab producers and directors for leading roles in different films and television series.

He is now married with three children, one son (Walid) and two daughters (Dana & Mareeta). His wife Colette, once Miss Lebanon,[5] wanted to pursue a music career however, Assi was not happy about it as he believed his wife should stick to her conservative roles, so they both agreed and she did not go ahead with it.[citation needed] Assi's team won in the Voice Arabia 2012. Assi was chosen to be an ambassador of goodwill intentions by the UN.

At a private wedding performance in Beirut on June 15, 2013, invitees requested Assi end his performance early since guests were walking out on him. Two female coordinators made the request to Assi's manager who in turn got offended and had Assi's bodyguard physically attack both coordinators. A few hundred of the 1,200 guests were present at the time and witnessed what had happened. The organizer tried to press charges against Assi & his manager but the Lebanese Internal Security Force advised that due to his celebrity status, none of the charges would be prosecuted. In return Assi made a public apology for the incident and had vowed to deal with his manager (who is technically his brother) and bodyguard legitimately.



  • 1991 : Mahlana Sawa.
  • 1992 : Ya Hala.
  • 1993 : Mahr El Zina.
  • 1994 : Wani Mareg Mareit
  • 1995 : Ahebek Jedan.
  • 1996 : Ya Maima.
  • 1998 : Ahla El Oyoun.
  • 1999 : Shog El Sahara.
  • 2000 : Kid Ozzalak.
  • 2001 : Ater El Mahabah.
  • 2002 : E Qarar.
  • 2003 : Forsat Omor.
  • 2004 : Zghiri El Dinney.
  • 2006 : Dagat Galbi.
  • 2007 : Ouwetna Bi Wehdetna.
  • 2008 : Yemkin
  • 2010 : 010
  • 2011 : Rouhi Ana (12-07-2011)
  • 2013: Assi 2013


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