Assineau River

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Assineau River
Assineau River AB 1.JPG
The Assineau River after heavy rainfall
Origin Sawridge Hill, Grizzly Ridge Wildland Provincial Park
55°13′24″N 115°13′13″W / 55.22333°N 115.22028°W / 55.22333; -115.22028
Mouth Lesser Slave Lake
55°23′27″N 115°11′54″W / 55.39083°N 115.19833°W / 55.39083; -115.19833 (Sturgeon River mouth)
Basin countries Canada
Source elevation 819 m (2,687 ft)
Mouth elevation 577 m (1,893 ft)
The Assineau near Lesser Slave Lake

The Assineau River is a short river forming in central Alberta. The Assineau flows into Lesser Slave Lake, which flows out through the Lesser Slave River, a major tributary of the Athabasca River. The name for the river was in use by 1904. It is suggested that Assineau is a version of the Cree word for nobody.[1]

The river forms in Grizzly Ridge Wildland Provincial Park and heads north towards Lesser Slave Lake. The river is bridged by Alberta Highway 2 and flows past the hamlet of Assineau, Alberta.[2]

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