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In the United States Government, the Second Stage Review (2SR) reorganization, effective October 1, 2005, renamed the position of Director of the Office of International Affairs (OIA) as the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

OIA is responsible for:

  • Extradition requests
  • Requests for foreign documentary evidence, bank and business records, and other official documents
  • Interviews and depositions of foreign witnesses
  • Assistance to obtain appearance of foreign witnesses in U.S. courts
  • Foreign searches and seizures, compelled handwriting exemplars, and electronic surveillance

The OIA uses a number of legal resources to obtain information from foreign countries.

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) moved from the Office of the Secretary to the Office of Policy. Appointed by the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary maintains the responsibilities of the Director of the Office of International Affairs.[1] This is sometimes referred to as a "czar" position, with office occupant Alan Bersin sometimes referred to as the "border czar".

Assistant Secretaries for International Affairs[1][edit]

Term started Term ended Assistant Secretary for International Affairs
October 1, 2005 October 13, 2006 Cresencio S. Arcos
October 13, 2006 July 21, 2007 Paul Rosenzweig (Acting)
July 22, 2007 February 25, 2008 Marisa R. Lino
February 25, 2008 July 7, 2008 Paul Rosenzweig (Acting)
July 8, 2008 2009 Carol A. Haave
2009 Alan Bersin
2018 Incumbent Theodore J. Garrish


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