Associação Atlética XI de Agosto

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XI de Agosto
Full name Associação Atlética XI de Agosto
Nickname(s) Égua Vermelha ("Red mare"),
Founded August 11, 1929
Ground Estádio DR. Gualter Nunes,
President Evandro Mantegazza Moreira
Current season

The Associação Atética XI de Agosto (Athletic Association XI of August), is a Brazilian amateur football club of Tatuí city. It is one of the oldest clubs in the city, and it was officially founded on August 11, 1929, even though it had existed since May 14, 1916.


The team was born from an impromptu match among young residents of the city who decided to form two teams for a game which ended with a score of 1 to 0 and resulted in the teams merging to become the Associação Atlética XI de Agosto. The name was a tribute to the anniversary of the city.

It is the only club in town to compete for the Paulista Championship between the decades of 50 and 70.


Although football is the main sport practiced by Associação Atlética XI de Agosto, in recent years it has been participating in other sports such as basketball and futsal, staff ace Falcão, and his team have always competed in junior regional championships, and state championship.


The Stadium DR. Gualter Nunes began as a floodplain. In June 1930 the field was closed with boards in order for a grandstand to be built. The first game was on August 11 that year against Pindorama Athletic Association, but its official inauguration took place exactly 5 years later, on 11, August 1935 against Palestra Itália which resulted in a 1 to 1 tie.