Associação Jovens Amigos do Tarrafal

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Full name Associação Jovens Amigos do Tarrafal
Ground Estádio Orlando Rodrigues
Tarrafal de São Nicolau on
São Nicolau, Cape Verde
League São Nicolau Island League
2016–17 4th

Associação Jovens Amigos do Tarrafal (acronym or abbreviation: AJAT'SN, Capeverdean Crioulo, ALUPEC or ALUPEK: Asosiason Jovens Amigus du Tarrafal, São Vicente Crioulo: Associação Jovens Amigos d' Tarrafal) is a football club that plays in the São Nicolau Island League in Cape Verde. It is based in the island's second major community but the most populated, Tarrafal de São Nicolau on the island of São Nicolau and plays at Estádio Orlando Rodrigues. The team won their first title in 2007, winning the São Nicolau Cup, their second and recent cup title was won in 2016 after winning in penalty kicks.

About the club[edit]

Its logo features a shield with two sides, light-peach to caramel-orange coloring on the top and blue on the bottom with a seal with the island on the bottom. The club name is read "AJAT" on the top and the "SN", the abbreviation of the location of the club on the bottom.

The club first participated in the 2003 season. After winning their first regional cup title, AJAT'SN was the first club from the island to appear in the 2007 Cape Verdean Cup and had no succeess there. Their greatest success was second place in the 2015-16 season, the club finished 26 points behind SC Atlético. The 2016-17 season was to have another stint of being in the higher position and a chance of being first place, it thwarted as they started 7th with a loss to Atlético. The season's first win was made over Talho 1-0. Its positions reached fourth, the final round the next time they reached. 6th they would be for the next three rounds, losses what AJAT'SN would have but sixth again at the 9th round, then back to 7th. AJAT'SN got another win over Belo Horizonte on April 9 and the club came fifth again. AJAT'SN lost to Ultramarina Tarrafal after that which was the club's last. The final two wins were made, first to Académica da Preguiça and prevented that club's remaining chance of becoming regional champion and Praia Branca on May 6 and the club finished fourth with 19 points, 6 wins, a draw and 19 goals scored, all less than last season's.

AJAT'SN's had two appearance at the regional Super Cup without any successes or goals scored, their first appearance was in 2007 and lost to the champion FC Ultramarina with 3-1 in penalty kicks as no goals were scored in the match. AJATSN had their next appearance in nine years and another qualified as Cup Winner, their recent who faced the champion SC Atlético on January 7, 2017 and lost to that club 3-0.


The club plays at Estádio Orlando Rodrigues with a capacity of about 500. The club also trains at the stadium. Other club playing at the stadium is Ultramarina. Other clubs playing at the stadium but not based is Praia Branca, based north of town.

Until the mid-2000s before its own stadium was constructed, the club played at Estádio João de Deus Lopes da Silva which was located 56 km on road (about 15 km direct and 30 km via the port of Preguiça).[1]


2006/07, 2015/16

League and cup history[edit]

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA GD P Cup Notes
2013–14 2 5 14 3 6 5 16 19 -3 15
2014–15 2 6 13 3 2 8 15 19 -4 11
2015–16[2] 2 2 14 8 2 4 29 17 +12 26
2016–17 2 4 14 6 1 7 19 24 -5 19


  • Best position: 2nd (regional)
  • Best position at cup competitions: 1st (regional)
  • Appearances in a cup competition: 1 (national)
  • Appearances in a regional Super Cup competition: 2
  • Appearances at the regional championships: 15


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