Association des Scouts du Rwanda

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Association des Scouts du Rwanda
Association des Scouts du Rwanda.svg
Scout Association of Rwanda
Country Rwanda
Founded 1968
Membership 32,000
Affiliation World Organization of the Scout Movement
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The Association des Scouts du Rwanda (ASR, Scout Association of Rwanda) is the national Scouting organization of Rwanda. Scouting in Rwanda was founded in 1940 and became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) in 1975. The coeducational association has 18,884 members (as of 2008).[1]


The 1980s Scout emblem incorporated the color scheme of the old flag of Rwanda, and was changed to reflect the new one, as the old flag was associated with the Rwandan Genocide

Scouting in Rwanda began in 1940. In the following years a number of different associations developed. In 1966, these formed a joint body, the Association des Scouts du Rwanda, which was admitted to WOSM in 1975.

The ASR hosted the African Scout Conference from September 3 to 7, 2007, in La Palisse Hotel in Kigali. This conference, preceded by the 4th Africa Scout Youth Forum, held on August 30 to September 2, 2007, had as a topic Scouting, an education for a peaceful world, united against violence.

Old emblem

The ASR is supported by a number of European and American Scout associations, including the German Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg, the Belgian Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen, the Association des Scouts du Canada and the Boy Scouts of America.

Program and ideals[edit]

The ASR is divided in four branches:

  • Louveteaux - Cub Scouts (ages 8 to 12)
  • Eclaireurs Juniors - Junior Scouts (ages 13 to 15)
  • Eclaireurs Seniors - Senior Scouts (ages 16 to 18)
  • Routiers - Rover Scouts (ages 19 to 25)

The Scout Motto is Uwe Tayari, Be Prepared in Swahili, Ube Maso in Kinyarwanda, and Sois Prêt in French.

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