Football in the Cayman Islands

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Football in the Cayman Islands
CountryCayman Islands
Governing bodyCayman Islands Football Association
National team(s)Men's national team
National competitions
International competitions

The sport of association football in the Cayman Islands is run by the Cayman Islands Football Association.[1] The association administers the national football team, as well as the Cayman Islands League.


Since 1950 football has been played on the Cayman Islands, but there were still no football pitches on the islands. It was not until 1960, thanks to Clifton Hunter and Timothy McField, that a sports field - The Annex - was built in Georgetown. Clifton Hunter worked parallel in West Bay, driving the development of football. During this time a rivalry between the two districts, the capital region and the West Bay region, which still exists today, developed. For a long time the two football pitches in Georgetown and West Bay were the only places in the country.

The Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) was founded in 1966.

With the growing number of football fans on the Cayman Islands, the demand for new venues was huge. The annex was expanded in 1982 and the Ed Bush Field was opened in West Bay in 1994. The first game in this stadium won the Cayman Islands national team against Jamaica, qualifying for the Shell Caribbean Cup. Impressed by this achievement, the government allowed the construction of further stadiums.

In 1992, the CIFS became a member of CONCACAF and FIFA

In 1995 the CIFS built a modern sports complex, the Truman Bodden Sports Complex and in July 1995 the Cayman Islands hosted the Shell Caribbean Cup. In the same year, Pelé opened the Donovan Rankine Field in East End.

League system[edit]

Level League(s)/Division(s)
1 Premier League
14 clubs

National team[edit]

Since joining FIFA in 1992, the Cayman Islands have regularly tried to secure a place at the FIFA World Cup, but one nation has stood in the way of their struggles: in the first round, they were defeated by their island bar, Cuba. In 1996 the total score was 6: 0 for Cuba, 2000 was a 4-0 win - although the Cayman Islands were able to score a point with a goalless draw at Grand Cayman's Truman Bodden Stadium this time, and in 2004 they lost 1: 2 And in Cuba with 0: 3.


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