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The Association for Mormon Letters (AML) is a nonprofit founded in 1976 to promote quality writing "by, for, and about Mormons."[1] The broadness of this definition of Mormon literature has led the AML to focus on a wide variety of work that has sometimes been neglected in the Mormon community.

The association holds an annual conference, usually held in Utah. Proceedings of the conferences were published until 2003. Since 1995 the AML sponsored AML-List, an e-mail list for the discussion of Mormon literature. List subscribers posted reviews of thousands of Mormon books, films, and other artistic works.[2][3] Besides the Annual, The AML also published the literary journal Irreantum from 1999 to 2013 and the literature blog Dawning of a Brighter Day since 2009.[4]


See full article: AML Awards

Since 1977, the AML has given awards to the best work "by, for, and about Mormons." When the Whitney Awards were begun in 2008 (honoring 2007 work), many saw them as a populist reaction against the more academic AML Awards.[5][6]

The award categories vary from year to year depending on what the AML decides is worthy of honor.


Irreantum, AML's literary/critical journal, was founded by Christopher Bigelow and Benson Parkinson in 1998. Bigelow served as editor until 2004. Laraine Wilkins was editor from 2004 until her death in September 2006 from injuries sustained in an auto accident.[7] Valerie Holladay and Scott Hatch were co-editors from October 2006.[8] In April 2008 Holladay stepped down, and Angella Hallstrom replaced her as co-editor. In 2009 Hatch stepped down, and was replaced by Jack Harrell. In 2011 Hallstrom stepped down, and was replaced by Josh Allen. The journal ceased publication in 2013.[9]


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