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The Association for Somogy (Hungarian: Somogyért, officially: Somogyért Egyesület) is a local political party in the county of Somogy in Hungary, allied with the Hungarian Socialist Party. At the legislative elections, April 9 and 23, 2006, the party won 1 constituency seat.

It was founded on May 25, 1994 by 109 well-known politicians and entrepreneurs in Somogy. Today, its membership amounts to approximately 4000. It is led by István Gyenesei, engineer and economist, former chairman of the Somogy County General Assembly. Since the 2006 legislative elections, he had been a non-partisan member of the Hungarian Parliament.


Motto: "In this county with its beautiful countryside, one can only succeed in doing one's very best by uniting one's forces."

  • Improving transport (connecting roads of dead-end settlements, motorways, local transport),
  • improving lacking infrastructure at a higher rate (landline telephones, gas and sewage system, healthy drinking water),
  • more effective support for those creating employment opportunities that are required for subsistence,
  • helping the young in starting their lives and the elderly in their livelihood,
  • enhanced care for developing public security,
  • helping those lagging behind and the disadvantaged (Roma and jobless people etc.),
  • saving Balaton: they support establishing the autonomous Balaton Region,
  • improved protection of environmental values, considered indispensable for Somogy,
  • improved health and education service as well as moral education in a wide range, considered to be an important pledge of present and future.