Association for Symbolic Logic

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Association for Symbolic Logic
Abbreviation ASL
Formation 1936
Type Scholarly society
Purpose Research, Inquiry
Headquarters Poughkeepsie, New York
Alasdair Urquhart
Vice President
Ulrich Kohlenbach
Charles Steinhorn

The Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) is an international organization of specialists in mathematical logic and philosophical logic. The ASL was founded in 1936 and its first president was Alonzo Church. The current president of the ASL is Alasdair Urquhart. [1]


The ASL publishes books and academic journals. Its three official journals are

  • Journal of Symbolic Logic (website) – publishes research in all areas of mathematical logic. Founded in 1936, ISSN 0022-4812.
  • Bulletin of Symbolic Logic (website) – publishes primarily expository articles and reviews. Founded in 1995, ISSN 1079-8986.
  • Review of Symbolic Logic (website) – publishes research relating to logic, philosophy, science, and their interactions. Founded in 2008, ISSN 1755-0203.

In addition, the ASL has a sponsored journal,

  • Journal of Logic and Analysis (website) – Publishes research on the interactions between mathematical logic and pure and applied analysis. Founded in 2009 as an open-access successor to the Springer journal Logic and Analysis. ISSN 1759-9008.

The organization played a part in publishing the collected writings of Kurt Gödel.


The ASL holds two main meetings every year, one in the United States and one in Europe (the latter known as the Logic Colloquium). In addition, the ASL regularly holds joint meetings with both the American Mathematical Society ("AMS") and the American Philosophical Association ("APA"), and sponsors meetings in many different countries every year.


The association periodically presents a number of prizes and awards.[2]

Karp Prize[edit]

The Karp Prize is awarded by the association every five years for an outstanding paper or book in the field of symbolic logic. It consists of a cash award and was established in 1973 in memory of Professor Carol Karp.

Recipients comprise:
Source: ASL

Sacks Prize[edit]

The Sacks Prize is awarded for the most outstanding doctoral dissertation in mathematical logic. It consists of a cash award and was established in 1999 to honor Professor Gerald Sacks of MIT and Harvard.

Shoenfield Prize[edit]

The Shoenfield Prize is awarded for outstanding expository writing in the field of logic and honors the name of Joseph R. Shoenfield.


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