Association for the Defence of the Memory of Marshal Pétain

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The Association for the Defence of the Memory of Marshal Pétain (Association pour défendre la mémoire du maréchal Pétain or ADMP) is a French association set up on 6 November 1951 under the patronage of general Maxime Weygand, its honorary president until his death in 1965.


It was the successor to a "comité d'honneur", set up in 1948 by Marshal Philippe Pétain to campaign for his release from prison and quickly banned. This group was presided over by the historian Louis Madelin.[1] The new group was established in 1951 following Petain's death and was effectively led by prominent Vichyist lawyer Jacques Isorni who was the driving force behind the group,[2] with Weygand's presidency of the group largely symbolic.[1] The group published a monthly journal, Le Marechal.[3]



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