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The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) is the principal professional association for American and international scholars of ecocriticism and environmental humanities. It was founded in 1992 at a special session of the Western Literature Association conference in Reno, Nevada for the purpose of "sharing of facts, ideas, and texts concerning the study of literature and the environment."[1][2][3]

The association hosts a biennial conference since 1993, alternating with symposia in non-conference years. Its journal is—Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (ISLE)—a quarterly published by Oxford University Press, in which the most current scholarship in the rapidly evolving field of environmental humanities can often be found.[2]

As of 2018 the co-presidents of ASLE are Anthony Lioi at the Juilliard School in New York City and Christoph Irmscher of Indiana University, Bloomington.[4] The 13th Conference will be held at University of California, Davis, from June 25-29, 2019, the first ASLE conference in the state of California.[5]


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