Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises

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Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises
Σύνδεσμος Ελληνικών Τουριστικών Επιχειρήσεων
SETE (Greece) logo.svg
Abbreviation SETE
Formation 1991 (1991)
Andreas Andreadis

The Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (Greek: Σύνδεσμος Ελληνικών Τουριστικών Επιχειρήσεων), commonly abbreviated to SETE (ΣΕΤΕ), is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1991. It is the representative Association for unions of tourism enterprises in Greece, as well as independent companies operating across the broader tourism sector.


SETE president Angelopoulos meeting government delegation, 2010

The original 9 entrepreneurs who met in Elounda, Crete to discuss the creation of the association were:

  1. Spyros Kokotos, of Elounda S.A. Hotels and Resorts, and first president of the Association
  2. Nikos Angelopoulos, of ALDEMAR Hotels & Spa, the current president
  3. Dia Capsis, of Capsis Hotels & Resorts
  4. Nikos Metaxas, of Maris Hotels
  5. Nikos Daskalandonakis, of Grecotel Hotels
  6. Yannis Sbokos, of the Sbokos Hotels Group
  7. Gina Mamidakis, of Bluegr Mamidakis Hotels
  8. Tasos Grigoriadis, of Chalkidiki hotels
  9. Stefanos Voulgaris, of Corfu hotel

In order to fulfill the legal requirement of 20 members, the following 14 were added to the original group and became the 23 founding members of the Association:

  1. Thedore Vassilakis, of Autohellas and Aegean Airlines
  2. Georgios Vernicos, of Vernicos Yachts
  3. Vassilis Konstandakopoulos, of Costamare Shipping and Navarino Resorts
  4. Dakis Ioannou, of J&P Overseas and Athenaum Intercontinental
  5. George Tsilidis
  6. Manolis Tsatsakis
  7. Konstantinos Koulouvatos
  8. Stelios Golemis
  9. Antonis Mousamas
  10. Maria Argyrou
  11. Manolis Papakaliatis
  12. Elias Kammenos
  13. Stelios Seferiades, formerly of Astir Hotels
  14. Constantine Mitsis, of Mitsis Hotels

Organizational aims[edit]

SETE aims constantly at boosting competitiveness and demonstrating the key role of tourism in the Greek economy. More specifically, SETE:

  • Underlines the impact of tourism on the economy, the society and the environment
  • Informs the Government, the broader public sector and the business community regarding developments in the international tourism market
  • Promotes co-operation between public and private sectors
  • Represents its Members in national and international organizations
  • Establishes platforms of collaboration among the various tourism branches and between tourism and other sectors of the economy
  • Co-operates with Greek and international research centres in the fields of tourism and economy
  • Aims for the creation and dissemination of tourism industry know how



SETE positions are based on continuous research, study and analysis of the special features of tourism economy.


  • studies the status and contribution of tourism to Greek economy
  • proposes measures for the improvement of quality and the competitiveness enhancement
  • monitors the international developments
  • analyses the growth of tourism sector in competitor countries

SETE research work is supported per case by its staff, expert consultants and university research centres. The results are disseminated and promoted through publications, seminars and through the web. provides information for professionals and researchers in the wider tourism economy.

SETE offices house a library with Greek and foreign publications on tourism.

Education & Training[edit]

SETE actively supports the work of researchers, experts and students and collaborates with the academic community.

Members of SETE Board of Directors and the Association’s Executives are regular speakers and lecturers at events and programs held by partner universities.

SETE proposals regarding tourism training include:

  • the establishment of tourism studies faculties in Greek universities
  • the co-ordination between the various levels of studies and tourism education bodies
  • the continuous education for tourism entrepreneurs and professionals
  • correlation of market needs with training policies and practices
  • production of research directly linked to actual tourism needs.


SETE Members fall into two main categories:

  • unions of tourism enterprises representing on national level the accommodation, travel, transportation (air, land and sea), exhibitions, conferences and other sectors related to the tourism industry and
  • enterprises across the entire spectrum of direct and indirect tourism activities, including: hotels, travel agencies, transportation, airlines, car rental, cruise ships, sea-ferries, tourist coach services, yachts, as well as tourist interest companies like banks, business consultants, catering, construction companies, development companies,expo-conference organizers, marketing – management companies, museums, publishing, real estate, restaurants, special tourism infrastructure (golf, marinas, conference centres, exhibitions, etc.), vineyards – wineries.

SETE provides a series of services to its Members, in a joint effort to create a more favourable environment for boosting tourism and entrepreneurship:

  • Information

SETE Members receive circular documentation, studies and data about markets which concern Greek tourism, and about specific market segments. Moreover, SETE Members are informed on the press releases and the interventions made by SETE to Greek government and the broader public sector.

  • Participation

SETE Members can be involved in shaping tourism policy positions and proposals by actively participating in the meetings and events held by SETE (General Assemblies, conferences, regional events, business lunches).

  • Promotion

SETE web pages, events and publications allow for the promotion of businesses and services to selected target groups. SETE Members can be promoted through its regular publications for information purposes, i.e. the SETE Annual Report, the e-newsletter “Corporate Citizenship - Members Activities” and the e-newsletter “Members Business News”.

International presence[edit]

Tourism is one of the most significant economic activities in the world and the main field of international competition. SETE is present in the major international fora:

  • United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), as an Affiliate Member since 1993
  • UNWTO Business Council
  • Statistics and TSA Committee of the UN World Tourism Organization
  • International Hotel & Restaurant Association (IH&RA), as a member
  • The Travel Partnership Corporation (TTPC), as a member
  • Various international committees, working groups and councils, either as a full member or as an observer.

Moreover, SETE cooperates with: WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council), OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), IMF (International Monetary Fund), IFTO (International Federation of Tour Operators), IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators), TYD (Turkish Tourism Investors Association), Egyptian Tourism Federation, Exceltur (Spain), Visit Britain, Maison de la France, IMG Tourism, Tourism Intelligence International, ILM Hospitality & Tourism, IPK International, THR Barcelona, Monitor Group, Mintel, Phocuswright, Tourism Industry Intelligence, Eye for Travel