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The Association of Independent Creative Editors known exclusively now as "AICE" is an international organization containing 120 editorial companies representing over 600 editors throughout the United States and Toronto. AICE has chapters in Chicago, Texas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto. Editors belonging to AICE are responsible for editing over 85% of all network television commercials shown in the U.S. and Canada.

Since 2001, AICE has held an annual competition for its assistant editors, now called 'Camp Kuleshov.' Each year, the competition sets up a different challenge involving editing trailers for pre-existing films. In the Fall of 2005, the contest involved making a fake trailer that re-cuts a films footage in order to cast its plot in a different light; for instance, making a horror film look like a romantic comedy. The winner of the contest was a re-cut of the horror classic The Shining that makes it look like a romantic comedy; the editor who had made it is named Robert Ryang from New York City, who soon became a celebrity of sorts because of the exposure his film had on the internet.

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