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The Association of Indian Design Industry, also known by its acronym AIDI is a professional not-for-profit body for designers and design organizations in India. It is an official national representative of all interest groups concerned with design in India.

Historical background[edit]

The design profession has formally existed in India since 1962..The idea of a professional bkresent the design fraternity was mooted in the 1980s but previous attempts to establish such an association did not take off. In 2005, some of the leading industrial design professionals in India discussed the idea of a body that would represent their interests to industry. Businessworld had also expressed a need for a body independent from its then partner, design institute NID, for its annual design excellence awards. AIDI was formed the same year.

Change of name and charter[edit]

AIDI was an acronym for Association of Industrial Designers of India, and was started to be a representative of the body of industrial designers in India. In 2007, AIDI felt that it had a greater role to play in the implementation of the National Design Policy, and that was only possible if it was more inclusive of all other disciplines of design in India. The name was changed to Association of Indian Design Industry to reflect its new role and charter. In December 2007, it organized the first gathering of designers from all over India, in Bangalore, to create an action plan for implementation of the National Design Policy.

Its activities include:

  • Influencing policy to positively impact the design industry,
  • Conducting awareness programs in educational institutions and businesses to promote the value of design,
  • Making publicity materials available,
  • Organizing exhibitions and events in domestic and international markets,
  • Publishing critical reports and conducting peer assessments to raise the bar on quality,
  • Maintaining databases of member designers and potential projects,
  • Sponsoring events, promotions, seminars and professional meets to facilitate the sharing of expertise.

Membership and other services[edit]

AIDI and its local chapters provide services to their members, in the form of job lists, member directories (sold to corporations for a fee), discounts on conferences and exhibitions and workshops, demonstrations, and lectures from experts in the profession.

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