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The Association of International Marathons and Distance Races, also known as AIMS, is an association of long-distance running races. It was founded in 1982 at a meeting in London of marathon race directors. Its membership was extended in 1986 to include all road races. In June 2016, over 400 race organisations were members.[1]


According to its Articles of Association, AIMS's objectives are:[1]

  1. to foster and promote distance running throughout the world;
  2. to work with the International Association of Athletics Federations on all matters relating to international road races, and;
  3. to exchange information, knowledge and expertise among the members of the Association.

Course measurement and world records[edit]

AIMS works together with IAAF to ensure that its road races are measured accurately. All AIMS races must be measured by an accredited AIMS/IAAF course measurer. In addition, in order for a road race world record to be ratified by IAAF, it must satisfy certain conditions. Among these are that:[2]

  • a course must not be, from start to finish, downhill by more than 1 metre in height per kilometre of length
  • the separation between start and finish must not be more than 50% of the length of the course

The second condition is intended to ensure that a course is not designed in such a way that a tail wind may improve times unduly, but does not apply for the purpose of establishing Olympic and World Championship qualifying times.[2]

All races which have obtained IAAF Road Race Label Events have been subject to AIMS/IAAF course measurement standards.

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