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The Association of Jesuit University Presses (AJUP) is an association of North American university presses which are members of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. The AJUP is composed of ten charter members.[1]

Father Richard W. Rousseau, S.J. is the current president emeritus of the A.J.U.P. Georgetown University Press and Fordham University Press are the two largest members in terms of publications.[2]


Members of the Association of Jesuit University Presses meet once a year.[2] Members general meet to issues facing the AJUP, such as potential cooperative advertising strategies for religious books and scholarly journals.[2]

AJUP symbols[edit]

The official A.J.U.P. logo depicts two wolves facing a kettle.[1] The image of the wolves and kettle is taken from the birthplace and home of Saint Ignatius of Loyola in Gipuzkoa, a province in the Basque Country of Spain.[1] The image was originally carved into the stone above the entry to Loyola's family manor house.[1]


The AJUP was chartered by eleven founding Jesuit university presses. University of Scranton Press closed in 2010;[3] the following presses remain members:[4]


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