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Association for Learned and Professional Society Publishers
Association for Learned and Professional Society Publishers Logo
Abbreviation ALPSP
Motto Shaping the Future of Learned and Professional Publishing
Formation 1972
Legal status A company limited by guarantee and incorporated in England and Wales
Purpose To connect, train and inform the scholarly and professional publishing community and to be an advocate on behalf of the non-profit publishing sector
Headquarters 1-3 Ship Street,
West Sussex BN43 5DH UK
over 360 members in 36 countries
Chief Executive
Ian Russell [1]

The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) is an international trade association of non-profit publishers[2] created in 1972[3] It is the largest association of scholarly and professional publishers in the world,[2] claiming "more than 360 members in 36 countries".[3] It was granted in 2004 the International Information Industry Award.[4] The association has committees on copyright, marketing, professional education and training, and electronic developments. Recent work has included policies and practice in online publishing.[5]

ALPSP Awards[edit]

Winners of the 2012 awards were:[6]

Winners of the 2010 awards were:[7]

Learned Publishing[edit]

In collaboration with the Society for Scholarly Publishing, ALPSP publishes a peer reviewed quarterly[8] journal called Learned Publishing, covering the field of scholarly publishing.[9] The Journal is considered to be of a high level and to offer stimulating insights on the evolution of digital publishing.[10] As part of a finely balanced[11][12] approach to open access, it launched in 2007 an open access option, whereby authors can choose to make the online version of their article freely available.[13]

The current Editor-in-Chief is Pippa Smart and the US editor is Judy Luther.[14]

ALJC Collection[edit]

In 2010 ALPSP entered a partnership with SWETS, a subscription service company, for the electronic distribution of 824 learned journals.[15]


In 2009 ALPSP launched a cooperative service enabling its members to offer multipublisher collections to libraries.[16][17]

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