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AMAC, Inc.
President and founder
Daniel C. Weber

Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is a United States-based conservative advocacy organization and interest group, founded in 2007. Its president and founder is Daniel C. Weber, a retired insurance agency owner.[1][2]

AMAC is a membership organization for people age 50 and over.[3] The group calls itself "the conservative alternative to the AARP."[2] It is one of several organizations to position itself as conservative rivals to the AARP; others include the American Seniors Association and 60 Plus Association.[3][4][5]

In 2014, the group is based in Lady Lake, Florida.[4]

Political activities[edit]

AMAC describes itself as "vigorously conservative" and gained support from talk show host Glenn Beck and other conservative figures.[6] AMAC strongly opposes the Affordable Care Act (ACA)[7][8] and has pushed for its repeal.[4] In March 2014, AMAC claimed a membership of 1.1 million members, up from 40,000 in 2008, which it attributed to backlash over the ACA.[4]

AMAC supports a plan for Social Security which would gradually increase the earliest retirement age to 64 (from 62) and "guarantee cost-of-living increases in a tiered structure based on income."[4] AMAC supports the oil and gas industry, claiming that they "are safer for the environment than ever." The group's president, Dan Weber, called for a rollback of Obama administration policies to promote clean energy.[9]

The AMAC has a volunteer "delegate" program, aiming to select an AMAC member in each congressional district across the country to meet and lobby members of Congress.[10]

In February 2017 AMAC issued a warning to the upcoming 2017 Academy Awards ceremony to not tolerate speeches against President Donald Trump, threatening to launch a boycott of theaters.[11]

Political analyst Josh Bernstein is currently a National Spokesperson for AMAC, which sponsors his weekly political talk show. [12]


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