Association of Northwest Steelheaders

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Association of Northwest Steelheaders

The Association of Northwest Steelheaders (ANWS) is the largest angling conservation organization headquartered in the State of Oregon, United States. With approximately two thousand members and supporters worldwide, its annual budget is meager[clarification needed] and it relies primarily on its volunteers to accomplish its mission. Its vision statement is: Responsible and enjoyable sport angling with good access to healthy, abundant, and sustainable fisheries in healthy watersheds in the Pacific Northwest. Its mission statement is: "Anglers Dedicated to Enhancing and Protecting Fisheries and their Habitats for Today and the Future"

ANWS was founded in 1960 by four avid fishermen in the Portland, Oregon area.

Its three main areas of focus are:

  1. Conservation
  2. Education
  3. Restoration of fish habitat

The Association of Northwest Steelheaders unites anglers, sportsmen, conservationists, outdoor enthusiasts, educators, researchers, and others, bringing together a broad spectrum of people who share a passionate concern for watersheds and habitat. Chapters from across the state work independently, with other similar organizations and the State of Oregon to accomplish their goals.

To achieve its mission, ANWS offers the following services to individuals, organizations, and chapters: conservation training, leadership training, educational training, information outreach, and networking opportunities. To further its goals, The Northwest Steelheaders is the Oregon affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation.

Some of ANWS's specific conservation priorities include: seeking solutions to global warming; reducing mercury pollution; strengthening the Endangered Species Act; combating invasive species; restoring Oregon's waterways; reforming the Army Corps of Engineers; and educating future environmental stewards.

As part of its efforts to protect fish habitat in Oregon, the Wild Salmon Center is a member of the North Coast State Forest Coalition.

The ANWS's headquarters is currently located in Milwaukie, Oregon a suburb of Portland.

Current programs[edit]

The Association of Northwest Steelheaders continues its involvement in the environmental issues facing our state and those of surrounding states that directly impact our watersheds, particularly in the areas of stewardship, water quality, dam removal, and stream bed conservation.

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