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The Association of Track and Field Statisticians (ATFS) was founded in 1950. It is an international organization run by volunteers whose goal is to collect and disseminate the statistics of track and field athletics.


The association has published an annual yearbook since 1951. The first edition was published in Lugano, Switzerland, titled The 1951 A.T.F.S. International Athletic Annual. The editors were Fulvio Regli and Roberto Quercetani. It is an authoritative compilation of international athletics statistics and has been known as The International Athletics Annual and The ATFS Annual. It is currently published under the title of Athletics: The International Track and Field Annual and its editor is Peter Matthews.

Previous editors and publishers
Years Editors Publishers
1951–52 Regli/Quercetani Tipografia "La Commerciale" S.A., Lugano
1953–55 World Sports magazine, London
1956–69 Roberto Quercetani
1970–72 Rooney Magnusson
1973–74 Vladimir Visek Bartels & Wernitz, West Berlin
1975–78 Don Potts Track & Field News, Los Altos, California
1979–83 Nejat Kök Palle Lassen, København
1984 Richard Hymans
1985–90 Peter Matthews Sports World, London
1991–92 Burlington Publishing, London
1993–94 Harmsworth Active, London
1995–2012 SportsBooks, Worcester & Cheltenham

Founding members[edit]

  • President: Roberto Quercetani (Italy)
  • Secretary: Fulvio Regli (Switzerland)
  • Committee: Norris McWhirter (UK), Donald Potts (USA)
  • Members: Harold Abrahams (UK) - Hon. President, Bruno Bonomelli (Italy), André Greuze (Belgium), Erich Kamper (Austria), Ekkehard zur Megede (Germany), André Senay (France), Björn-Johan Weckman (Finland), Wolfgang Wünsche (Germany)

Roberto Quercetani[edit]

Roberto Luigi Quercetani was one of the eleven founding members of ATFS and was also its first president, remaining in the position for 18 years.[1][2] He was also the editor of the first ATFS Annual.[3] and is a renowned historian and writer on athletics

Quercetani was born in Florence, Italy on May 3, 1922. He was interested in both foreign languages and athletics from an early age, his study in both helped by reading foreign newspapers sent by friends from Switzerland. After World War II, he served as a technical interpreter for the allied forces in Italy. Now fluent in English, French and German, he started writing articles for the foreign sporting publications Leichathletik of Germany, World Sports of the UK, and Track and Field News of the United States.[2][4]

In 1948, he wrote his first athletics statistical publication (with Don Potts).[1]

From 1951, Quercetani started as a long-time contributor to the Italian newspapers La Gazzetta dello Sport and La Nazione.[1][2]

In 1964 his first of many books on athletics was published: A World History of Track and Field Athletics 1864-1964.[1] He has since added a number of titles that cover the history of most of the events of athletics.[5]

In 1994, he was founder member, and president until 1998, of the Archivo Storico Dell'Atletica Italiana "Bruno Bonomelli", an Italian non-profit-making cultural association dedicated to the history of Italian athletics.[6]

In 2010, under the chairmanship of Mel Watman, Quercetani was invited, as an acknowledged industry expert, to help write the book to celebrate the 2012 centenary of the governing body of athletics, the IAAF.[7][8]

In 2012, in acknowledgement of his life's achievements, Quercetani was awarded by the IAAF the IAAF Veteran Pin, their most important award.[9][10]

Executive committee members (until 2016)[edit]

  • President: Paul Jenes (Australia)
  • Vice President: A. Lennart Julin (Sweden)
  • Treasurer: Tom Casacky (USA)
  • Secretary: Michael McLaughlin (Australia)
  • Committee members: Roberto Quercetani (Italy), Rooney Magnusson (Sweden), Bernard Linley (Trinidad & Tobago), Peter Matthews (UK), Yves Pinaud (France), Riel Hauman (South Africa), Yoshimasa Noguchi (Japan), Eduardo Biscayart (USA), Giuseppe Mappa (Italy), Nejat Kök (Turkey)


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