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This is an article about the post-World War II Polish communist youth organization. Not to be confused with the pre-World War I Union of Polish Youth "Zet".

Związek Młodzieży Polskiej (Union or Association of Polish Youth, abbr. ZMP) was a Polish communist youth organization, existing from 1948 to 1956. It was subordinated to Polish Workers' Party (later the Polish United Workers' Party) and acted as a tool of political indoctrination towards the youth[citation needed].

It was formed from the Association of Fighting Youth (Związek Walki Młodych) and several other organizations.

For several years it supervised Polish scouting. Membership in it was often obligatory (officially or unofficially) for various purposes, such as being able to attend the universities. Membership was refused to those who were deemed "unsuitable" - due to non-worker/peasant family background, or their ties with the pro-West World War II-era Polish forces or resistance.

Its membership grew from almost 0.5 million in 1948, to over 1 million in 1951 and over 2 million in 1955.

The uniform of a ZMP member consisted of a green shirt and red tie.

The organization was disbanded in 1957 in the liberalization following Gomułka's thaw. It was replaced primarily by the Union of Socialist Youth (Związek Młodzieży Socjalistycznej).

At the moment traditions and heritage of Union of Polish Youth is preserved in Poland by Progressive Youth of Poland.[citation needed]

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