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Vereniging zonder winstoogmerk (Dutch, abbreviated vzw) or Association sans but lucratif (French, abbreviated asbl) or Vereinigung ohne Gewinnerzielungsabsicht (German, abbreviated VoG) is the legal term for a non-profit organization in Belgium; the French term also applies in Luxembourg and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For international organisations, the equivalent is ivzw or aisbl. It is a formal designation under Belgian and Luxembourg law, and organisations are entered in a register and allocated numeric identifiers.

Internationale vereniging zonder winstoogmerk (Dutch, often abbreviated IVZW) or Association internationale sans but lucratif (French; often abbreviated AISBL) or Internationale Vereinigung ohne Gewinnerzielungsabsicht (German; often abbreviated IVoG) is the legal term used in Belgium for an internationally acting non-profit organization based on Belgian law and located in Belgium.[1]

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