Assortment (album)

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AtomicRooster Assortment.jpg
Compilation album by Atomic Rooster
Released 1973
Recorded 1969-1971
Genre Rock
Label Charisma Records
Atomic Rooster chronology
Nice 'n' Greasy
Home to Roost

Assortment is Atomic Rooster’s first compilation album, issued by Charisma Records in 1973. It is composed of tracks from their first three studio albums.

Track listing[edit]

Side one

  1. "Devil's Answer" (John Du Cann) 3:29
  2. "Sleeping for Years" (Du Cann) 5:30
  3. "Friday the 13th" (Vincent Crane) 3:35
  4. "I Can't Take No More" (Du Cann) 3:36
  5. "Death Walks Behind You" (Cann, Crane) 7:24

Side two

  1. "Tomorrow Night" (Crane) 4:02
  2. "Break the Ice"(Cann, Crane) 5:03
  3. "S.L.Y." (Crane) 4:46
  4. "The Price" (Crane, Darnell) 5:20
  5. "Decline and Fall" (Crane) 5:49