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The Assoun (اسوں)are a Jat tribe and they are considered gotra in Punjab state of North India, while they are considered a tribe in Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan.

History & Origin[edit]

Assoun (اسوں) live in many parts of Punjab from ancient times especially in Gujranwala Division.In real they are named after a place according to Jat clan system.They are named after a village Assouwan Bhattian (اسواں بھٹیاں) in Sheikhupura district. This clan of Jats is very famous for its valour and bravery. Mainly they are agriculturists but some also do Government jobs.


They are Muslims in Pakistan, and Sikhs in India.


As this is a Punjabi tribe, most of the people of this tribe speak Punjabi but some also speak Urdu and English.