Assumption Place

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Assumption Place
Assomption place moncton543.jpg
General information
Type Office
Location 770 Main St.
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Coordinates 46°05′17″N 64°46′38″W / 46.08802°N 64.77716°W / 46.08802; -64.77716Coordinates: 46°05′17″N 64°46′38″W / 46.08802°N 64.77716°W / 46.08802; -64.77716
Completed 1972
Owner Assumption Place Ltd.
Roof 80.8 m (265 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 20
Floor area 202,000 sq ft (18,800 m2)
Lifts/elevators 2

Assumption Place is an office building in the Canadian Province of New Brunswick in the city of Moncton. It is the headquarters of Assumption Life. It is tied for the title of tallest office building in New Brunswick with the Brunswick Square in Saint John, New Brunswick. The building has the most levels of any building in New Brunswick at 20. In 1970 the City of Moncton approved the building. At that time NBTel realized the building would be high enough to block radio signals coming from the 135 ft (41 m) tower they had at that time in downtown Moncton. This was the reason for the construction of the NBTel Tower, now called the Bell Aliant Tower.

It is to be noted that the Place Assomption should not be confused with the former Assomption Building at 236 St George Street, which was built in 1955. Today that particular structure is known as Maison Commerce House.[1]

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