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Assyria TV
Launched September 2011
Owned by Assyrian Media Institute (AMI)
Language Syriac
Broadcast area Worldwide
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden

Assyria TV, formerly known as Hujada TV or Hujåda TV, is an Assyrian TV-Channel starting off with web-TV. Assyria TV is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The project was financed by all the Assyrian federations in Sweden.


Following a joint decision between the Assyrian associations in Sweden, the idea was initiated to create a new Assyrian media platform that could reach out to all groups within the Assyrian population. The new project was named "Hujada TV (Unity TV)". Several support groups were also formed to help the project group and to help out with external necessities. One of the factors behind this effort was that the federations did not consider the existing TV channels to be sufficient and that they were not considered capable to strengthen the Assyrian Movement and the Assyrian culture.

The federation’s joint statement about the background of the Web-TV venture:

"For many years within the Assyrian federations in Sweden and Europe, a discussion about the need to develop a media platform within the group had existed. Assyrians were earlier very experienced to use new technology. There is today a wide range of websites and news agencies and more. For a population that is scattered all over the world, modern technology is very important to bring people together and to jointly create public opinion. A Web-TV would respond to those needs today."

The project began in March 2011. In September 2011 a special organization, AMI Assyriska Mediainstitutet (Assyrian Media Institute) was tasked with managing Assyria TV once the project was complete and broadcasting had begun. Assyria TV started its test broadcasting in December 2011. An official opening was held on February 5, and since then the Webb-TV has been updating its broadcasting.


The purpose of Assyria TV is to have an available Internet TV service that will be under development and constantly expanded. Among other things, within a near future, satellite and ip-TV/cable-TV platforms will also be used by Assyria TV for broadcasting. There is a need for a media platform that is not controlled or influenced by external economic, political and religious factors, but by democratic standing Assyrian Associations, where there is a partnership between them worldwide. The new media service is supposed to reach out to all of the population in a simple and practical way, this can be done with the help of IT technology and mobile services, such as iPhone apps and android. The goal is to strengthen the Assyrian identity, culture and cooperation, both nationally and internationally. Assyria TV stands for unity and the federations are hoping that the web-TV will create this unity with the help from all the cooperation that will be generated thanks to the TV. The aims are also to provide a clear picture of the Assyrian people to other people and nations who do not have much knowledge about the group. Assyria TV also wants to reveal the injustice that has affected and is still affecting the Assyrian and the Christian population in their home lands, for example the results of the Iraqi war in 2003.

Cooperation with ANB SAT[edit]

As Assyria TV deepens their cooperation with ANB SAT, Assyria TV will regularly broadcast their chosen programs on ANB SAT's satellite platform.[1]

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