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IndustryEngineering & consultancy
Key people
Dominique Louis (Chairman)
Revenue871,4 million€ in 2013 (40 % of the revenue made outside France)
Number of employees
11 092[1]
SubsidiariesAssystem France, Assystem Engineering and Operation Services

Assystem is an international engineering services consulting company based in Paris, France. It resulted from the merger, in 1995, of ATEM (founded in 1966 and specialised in the organisation of the roll-out industrial plants) and Alphatem (a joint subsidiary with Cogema dedicated to the nuclear sector, founded in 1989). Nowadays, Assystem consists of two divisions, Energy & Infrastructure and Global Product Solutions.

Assystem City Car[edit]

Assystem City Car at the 2008 Paris Motor Show

The Assystem City Car is a four-wheeled prototype designed between Assystem and Sbarro and first presented at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show.[2] The wheels are in a novel arrangement; two are fixed, one at the center of each side; and two can rotate 180°, each located at the center of the front and rear of the vehicle. This gives the vehicle much more maneuverability than a conventional arrangement, and a turning radius of essentially zero. The vehicle also utilizes a large flat screen display, which can cover the windshield, and provide the driver with much more information than simple vision (such as infrared cameras), and as a customizable full-screen heads up display, which can include local traffic data, and visual direction cues.

Key Executives and Board members[edit]

Key Executives

Dominique Louis[3]

Philippe Chevallier[4]

Stephane Aubarbier

David Bradley

Gerard Brescon

Board members

Gilbert Lehmann[5]

Miriam Maes[6]

Vincent Favier

Virginie Calmels[7]


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