Astérix et ses Amis

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Astérix et ses Amis
Astérix et ses Amis.jpg
Cover of the French edition
Main charactersAsterix and Obelix
PublisherLes Editions Albert René
Creative team
Original publication

Astérix et ses amis (English - Asterix and his friends) is a tribute volume published in 2007 by Les Editions Albert René. The full original title is Astérix et ses Amis – Hommage à Albert Uderzo ("Asterix and his friends – homage to Albert Uderzo""). It was released to pay tribute to Albert Uderzo, for his 80th birthday. Not part of the original Asterix series, it is made up of several short stories drawn and written by various renowned comics artists.


There are 34 short stories, often featuring both characters from the Asterix series and heroes created by each artist.


  • Asterix e seus Amigos (Brazilian Portuguese) Record
  • Astèrix i els seus Amics (Catalan) Salvat
  • Asterix en zijn vrienden (Dutch) Editions Albert René
  • Asterix ja ystävät (Finnish) Egmont Kustannus OY AB
  • Astérix et ses Amis (French) Editions Albert René
  • Asterix und seine Freunde (German) Egmont Ehapa Verlag Berlin
  • Ο Αστερίξ και οι Φίλοι του (Greek) Μαμούθ Κόμιξ[2]
  • Asterixks i Przyjaciele (Polish) Egmont Sp
  • Astérix y sus Amigos (Spanish) Salvat
  • Asterix e os seus Amigos (European Portuguese) ASA

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