Astan Quds Razavi

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Astan Quds Razavi
Native name
آستان قدس رضوی
FoundedApril 11, 1510; 512 years ago (1510-04-11)
FounderIsmail Safavi
Key people
Ahmad Marvi (Custodian and Chairman of the supervisory board)
Malek Rahmati (President and CEO)
WebsiteOfficial website

Astan Quds Razavi (Persian: آستان قدس رضوی, romanizedĀstān-e Qods-e Razavi) is a bonyad based at Mashhad, Iran. It is the administrative organization which manages the Imam Reza shrine and various institutions which belong to the organization.

The administrative apparatus of Astan Quds Razavi is considered the longest-lasting organization since the martyrdom of Imam Reza about 1200 years ago.[1] The main resource of the institution is endowments.[2] The Astan Quds Razavi is a major player in the economy of the city of Mashhad.[3] The organization by order of Ruhollah Khomeini was tax exempt for 35 years until 2019.[4][5]


Before Safavids era[edit]

From Safavids era until Islamic revolution[edit]

Current situation[edit]

Since the revolution, the Astan-e-Qods the bonyad has grown from a "modest concern" into a conglomerate employing 19,000 people[3] and running "auto plants, agricultural businesses, and many other enterprises"[2]

The land occupied by the shrine has grown fourfold since 1979, according to the head of the foundation's international relations department. The foundation owns most of the real estate in Mashhad and rents out shop space to bazaars and hoteliers.[3]

According to journalist Christopher de Bellaigue, "when asked to identify the most important man in the city, Mashhadis do not name the mayor but rather" the head of Astan-e-Qods.[3]

Ayatollah Abbas Vaez-Tabasi had been the head of Astan-e-Qods from the revolution until his death in 2016.[3] Ebrahim Raisi succeeded him in March 2016 and held office until April 2019.[6] Finally, the supreme leader of Iran, Seyyed Ali Khamenei appointed Ahmad Marvi as the new chief of this Bonyad instead of Ebrahim Raisi;[7] and Raisi became the Chief Justice of Iran.[8]



  • Behnashr Publishing
  • Quds Daily
  • Za'ir Magazine
  • Haram Magazine
  • Printing and Publication Organization

Cultural and educational institute[edit]

  • Imam Reza (A.S.) University
  • Islamic Research Foundation
  • Youth Counseling Services and Social Research Institute
  • Razavi Cultural Foundation
  • Artistic Creativity and Audio-Visual Media Institution
  • Astan Quds Razavi Central Museum
  • Malek Library and National Museum
  • The Dar-ul-Quran of the Astan Quds Razavi
  • The Central Museum of Astan Quds Razavi
  • Supreme Cultural Council
  • Central Library of Astan Quds Razavi
  • Razavi University of Islamic Sciences
  • Islamic Propagation and Relations Directorate
  • International Relations Office
  • On Duty Education Centre for the Employees of the Astan Quds Razavi

Economic institutes[edit]

  • Economic Organization of Astan Quds Razavi
  • Behnashr Company
  • Carpet Company
  • Insurance Company
  • Canning and Cold-Storage Company
  • Kenebist Farm
  • Housing and Construction Company
  • Flour Company
  • Samen Pharmaceutical Company
  • Bread Manufacturing Industry
  • Wood Industry
  • Dairy Products Company
  • Behnashr Publishing Company
  • Orchards Organization
  • The Agricultural Units of the Astan Quds Razavi
  • The Industrial and Mines, Development and Services Units of the Astan Quds Razavi
  • Razavi Brokerage Company
  • Razavi Transport Company

Health care institutes[edit]


  • Expanding the Sacred Places of Astan Quds Razavi

Social institute[edit]

  • Social Welfare Affairs related to the pilgrims of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza(A.S.)
  • Welfare Institutions and Services of the Astan Quds Razavi
  • Astan Quds Razavi Sports Complex, Mashhad, Iran

Other related institutes[edit]

  • International Congress on Imam Reza (A.S.)
  • Ayatollah Abbas Vaez Tabasi, Reverend Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi

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