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Coat of arms of the counts of Astarac.
A map showing the location of Astarac in 1150

Astarac is a region in Gascony, a county in the Middle Ages. Astarac was formed as a county out of the partition of the Duchy of Gascony: following the death of García II Sánchez of Gascony, the duchy was partitioned between his sons, with Arnold I, the youngest son, receiving Astarac.

Astarac borders Armagnac to the northwest, the Rivière-Basse (fr) and Bigorre to the west, the Magnoac (fr) to the southeast, and Comminges to the east. Its principal cities are Mirande, Masseube, Miélan, Tournay, Pavie, Idrac-Respaillès, Castelnau-Barbarens, Berdoues, Ponsampère, Mont-d'Astarac, Miramont-d'Astarac, Laas d'Astarac, and Fontrailles.


Dates should be approached with extreme caution. Usually the exact dates of accession and death are unknown and only floruit dates can be provided. Further, the sources do not always give the same dates.

Count of Asterac[edit]

Count of Asterac, Candale and Benauges[edit]


Coordinates: 43°31′N 0°24′E / 43.51°N 0.40°E / 43.51; 0.40